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InAbell is a Tel Aviv based electropop musician‭. ‬Her music is a blend of soft vocals and a chill‭, ‬meticulous electronic production‭. ‬The new EP‭ "‬Humble Wishes‭" ‬‭(‬released Nov‭' ‬2018‭) ‬was produced by Roi Avital‭ (‬Garden City Movement‭). ‬Though rather new to the scene‭, ‬InAbell is raising interest‭, ‬and her music was played on major Israeli radio stations‭ (‬88FM‭, ‬Galgalatz‭, ‬etc‭..). ‬In addition‭, ‬Many blogs chose to review her work‭ (‬Obscure sound‭, ‬Stereofox‭, ‬Timeout‭, ‬Ynet‭...)‬


Growing up partially in Israel and partially in California‭, ‬InAbell's music combines different influences and both corners of the world are noticeable in her songs‭. ‬Her stage name itself resembles the personal mixture of nations since‭ "‬Inbal‭" - ‬her given name aptly means‭ "‬bell clapper‭" (‬which is In-A-Bell‭...)‬


InAbells Live set performance is based on electronic loops and sampled beats‭. ‬She turns knobs and pushes buttons and faders to apply effects on her vocals as she sings while her electronic trio backs her up‭. ‬These days she is working on a new LP while touring with her EP release show‭.‬

‭"‬With an artistic inkling‭, ‬ethereal voice‭, ‬lush production and a bit of Israeli persistence‭, ‬Inbal Netzer and her band InAbell are making waves with their soulful indie sound and release of their new EP‭" ‬‭(‬Timeout Israel‭)‬

‭"‬Tel Aviv based singer/songwriter has a voice that’ll serenade your heart‭, ‬mind‭, ‬and soul‭. ‬It’s yet another solid release‭."
(‬Keep Walking Music‭)‬

‮"‬Imagine blending Massive Attack‭, ‬Bonobo and Ellie Goulding‭... ‬and all that sprinkled with some jazzy elements‭. ‬That's the gorgeousness you'll get when you hit the play button‮"‬‭ ‬‮"‬wow-ed me from the very first second I heard her voice‭." ‬‭(‬Stereofox‭)‬

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